Naxos has many beaches for every category of traveler. From small and cozy to big, organized with music and happenings. All you have to do is choose the ones that will suit your needs. Note that from Agia Anna leaves boats for the most virgin and unspoilt beaches on the southeastern side of the island (daily from early June). You can also cruise to Koufonissia, Donousa, Schinoussa and Iraklia.

What to buy

Naxos is the place to buy cheeses of exceptional quality. Choose from the well-known Graviera PDO, the famous male(arseniko cheese), Ximnomyzithra, Toumoulotyri, Afromyzithra, Kopanisti, Ladotyri and many others. Excellent and thyme honey. Try the ham a kind of delicious meat that looks like prosciutto and of course do not leave without taking the Naxos Kitron, a special and enjoyable traditional liqueur on the island.

Sea sports

Naxos is ideal for almost any kind of water sports. Air at 5-7 beaufort average favors the windsurf. In Agios Giorgis and Amitis winds blow northern winds and Meltemia and in Ayiasos southern winds are also offered for wave. At the Agios Georgios  lagoon there are ideal conditions for speed / slalom and freestyle windsurf. An international meeting place for windsurf enthusiasts and kitesurf in Mikri Vigla, while many surfers also likes Orkos.

Marine Sports Services Companies

Flisvos Kitecentre, 22850 75490 Mikri Vigla Naxos

Flisvos Sportclub Center, 22850 22928, 22850 22935, Agios Georgios

Laguna Beach Park, 6972 426 905, Agios Georgios

Naxos - Surf Club, 22850 29170, 6944 363147, Lagouna, Agios Georgios

Plaka Watersports, 6944 633194, 6945 916790, Plaka Beach

Thalasea, 22850 75357, Mikri Vigla

• Agios Georgios: just two steps from Chora and Blue Flag awarded, just 900 meters from Sunlight Naxos Studios is the ideal solution for those who do not want to leave the city. Organized and water sports. If you like surfing then head to the south side of the beach, which is a surf point for sports fans.

• Agios Prokopios: the island's most famous beach inside and outside the border and a short distance from the Naxian Utopia. Agios Prokopios has earned most Greek and international distinctions and is only 4 km away from the port. It is considered the 3rd best beach in Greece and is one of the 10 most beautiful in Europe. Color blue alternating with blue. It is organized and you can enjoy water sports. Very close is the red lake that often hosts herons worth a walk up there.

• St. Anna: this is the natural continuation of Agios Prokopios beach and is perhaps the most famous beach of Naxos. Organized, large and with a beautiful sandy beach and a cedar tree on the back. Ideal for those who engage in water sports.

• Plaka: endless golden sand, splendid waters and views of Glaronisia and Paros. The sand dunes on the back of the beach give a special style. It is organized, but the cedars near the sea offer a generous natural shade

• Mikri Vigla: sandy, scenic and windy ideal families with young children, offering peace and relaxation. Those who love fishing will love it.

• Kalantos: in the southern part of the island, with shallow crystal clear waters. Next to the sand, the river flows out, resulting in a rich wetland habitat that hosts  birds. Ideal for those who love nature.

• Port & Beach Panermos or Panormos: Located on the southeastern coast of the island in a small enclosed bay and has a beautiful sandy beach with crystal clear waters. In the summer months there is a canteen. If you have the courage to climb the path that starts from the beach and reaches the Prehistoric Acropolis of Amigdali of Apiranthos to admire the view towards Koufonisia.

• Moutsouna: The bay of Moutsouna in Naxos, hosts two beaches with wonderful sandy beaches ideal for families with young children.

• Orkos: Between the beach of Plaka and Mikri Vigla beach you will find small bays that make up OrKo. Ideal for nature lovers and couples.

• Agiasos: a huge beach with shallow clear waters and fine sand. It stretches over 750 meters on the southwest coast of the island and is probably the most virgin beach of Naxos. The small coves with the caves formed on the side of the beach are ideal for snorkeling.
• Ammitis: is the beach of Eggares. It has a large white sandy beach and very clear waters. It is worth to stay until sunset because here the sunset is wonderful. Ideal surf beach as it is fairly exposed to the northern winds. Nature lovers will love it because of the small wetland formed here by the river's estuary.

• Glyfada: sand dunes and shady cedars make up the scenery. Due to the large extent even in August, it is relatively calm. It is ideal for fishing and water sports.

• Kastraki: A small bay with white fine sand, located behind the small Vigla peninsula and next to the beach of Glyfada and is organized.

• Lionas: wild beauty, white pebbles and crystal clear waters. Ideal for quiet and relaxing.

• Chilia Vrysi
: protected by most winds, has fine pebbles and transparent shallow waters.

• Kleidos: it is a sandy beach with crystal clear waters and waters. Ideal for those who do not want crowds and noises.

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